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This group studies the spiritual dimensions of Judiam and life, with ideas from texts of over three millennia of Jewish tradition; recordings from a monthly gathering of men and women in North West London.

Lech Lecha

Exploring the life of Abraham in the Torah and Rambam and of idolatry ch. 1

20 June 2019 Sedra Behaalotecha

Discussing the Menorah, the idea that it's never too late, and the special journey of the individual through life

5 July 2018 - The Zealot

Discussing Sedra Pinchas and the role of Pinchas as Zealot and defender of Faith.

Chayei Sara 2017

A description of this interesting Sedra, in which Abraham aquirews land in Hebron, and a match is made between Isaac and Rebecca.


A discussion of the Menorah in Sedra Behalotecha (Num. chs. 8-12) and also the idea that it is never too late.

Pre-Pesach Discussion April 2017

Exploring the idea that 'one leaves Egypt every day'.

Sedra Vaera 25/01/17

Exploring the Sedra. The response by G-d to Moses' complaint that since he went to Pharoah, the suffering had increased.

The Battle With Esau's Angel 15/12/16

Sedra Vayishlach tells of Jacob's meeting Esau after many years of seperation. Before they meet, Jacob battles with Esau's angel. This helps us understand the role of the Jew in the world.

Introduction to Rosh Hashana

A discussion of Sedra Nitzavim which is read before Rosh Hashana and helps us to understand the significance of the festival.

The Temple

Just before the fast of Ninth of Av in 2015, we explored ideas concerning the Temple, discussing points about the Sanctuary erected with Moses in the desert, the Temple of Solomon, the Second Temple and the ultimate Temple of the time of the Messiah.


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