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Barbara Hines is an international artist based in Texas, with studios in multiple cities. The land of Israel inspires her impressionistic, yet contemporary, canvases incorporating gold leaf, metalic paint and actual soil from Israel.


Hines' work is inspired by stories from the Torah and convey her deep commitment to sharing the beauty of Israel and to the use of art as a way to bring understanding and peace into the world—values sorely needed in light of current-day global tensions.


“Art collectors from around the world will be coming to Dallas on October 5th for the opening of this extraordinary exhibition. It will be a monumental time for the Museum of Biblical Art, which embraces all people and cultures. The Art of Barbara Hines has the capacity to touch everyone through its haunting beauty and splendor. Her art communicates truth, revitalization and renewal,” commented Farb.


“Hines’ paintings are breathtaking and intensely spiritual. They powerfully communicate the beauty of Israel and the Holy Land, said Peck.


Barbara Hines is represented by Meredith Long & Company in Houston. Mrs. Hines and her husband, Gerald D. Hines, founder of the international real estate firm Hines, are significant philanthropists and humanitarians. They have helped students worldwide as well as architects, artists, and musicians. 


Barbara Hines donates 100 percent of her proceeds from art sales to charitable causes. Certain works of art in the Museum of Biblical Art show will be available for sale with the proceeds being donated equally to the museum and to Chabad of Dallas.

To enquire about purchasing a painting by Barbara Hines, please get in touch with the CRU

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