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Alef Kaballah 

Judah and Joseph

22 December, 2020

The Rebbe taught this discourse on Shabbat Vayigash in late December 1987. It focuses on the moment at the beginning of the Sedra when Judah draws near to Joseph, a theme which is repeated in the Haftorah from Ezekiel 37:16ff. which speaks of drawing together the two sections of the divided Jewish Kingdom - the Northern Kingdom called Ephraim (the son of Joseph) and the Southern Kingdom of Judah.  In Chassidic teachings, Judah represents Action of the Mitzvot, while Joseph expresses Torah study. The discourse discusses how these two aspects of Jewish life connect.  Further, Joseph and Judah express two aspects of prayer which are joined.  Hence the meeting of Judah and Joseph in the Sedra expresses many practical and spiritual levels of meeting and joining.

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